Implementing User Portals: Leveraging the Power of CiviCRM

May 31 through June 8, 2016

Whether you're new to CiviCRM or a seasoned expert there is something for you at CiviCon Colorado 2016!

David Doligalski, BackOffice Thinking
Justin Thongsavanh, Comfort Zone Camp
Product Advanced
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Short Description: 
Learn how to successfully construct user portals that integrate with CiviCRM.
Session Length: 
60 Minutes

Organizations are more successful when they provide their constituents with an effective method of interacting online in an easy, intuitive manner, particularly when working with complex events and family structures. Through the use of interfaces such as a user portal to public end users, such interaction can be effectively accommodated.

CiviCRM has much inherent power within itself but does not (by design) have a deep ability to provide a rich UI experience needed for effective portals. However, this limitation is overcome by leveraging CiviCRM’s power with the rich UI capabilities of a modern content management system like Drupal.  

In this presentation, we will examine one such implementation and discuss how you can apply the same approach and concepts to your portal project.

Come out and join us, we’ll:

  • Review upfront requirements and design

  • Discuss designing for usability

  • Review the tools available to accomplish a portal and how they get implemented

  • HIghlight how to stay in scope, on time, and on budget


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