Engaging Front End CiviCRM Integrations for WordPress.

May 31 through June 8, 2016

Whether you're new to CiviCRM or a seasoned expert there is something for you at CiviCon Colorado 2016!

Nathan Porter
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CiviCRM is an amazing tool but how do you create front end elements that engage your audience?
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90 Minutes

Research tells us that nonprofit site visitors are little more forgiving than for profit site visitors. If the average nonprofit site visitor isn't engaged within 5 seconds they will bounce to another search result. This is 2 seconds more than for profit site visitors. That being said, how can nonprofits utilize the powerful CiviCRM tools and features to boost your site visitor engagement? How do you create engaging donation tools? How do you utilize the valuable data collected and display it in visual ways on your website? How do you create simple and clean forms for collecting data from your users? We'll take a hands-on look at what this could look like on your WordPress website. 

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In this session we hope to take a how-to approach which will allow visitors to leave with tangible knowledge of how to achieve the results we discuss on their own.