The Future of the API

May 31 through June 8, 2016

Whether you're new to CiviCRM or a seasoned expert there is something for you at CiviCon Colorado 2016!

Coleman Watts
Eileen McNaughton
Community Discussion
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Join the developer discussion envisioning the next generation API for CiviCRM.
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90 Minutes
Not CMS-specific

For anyone that's developed an extension or other integration with CiviCRM, you know how important a good api is. CiviCRM's api version 3 is incredibly useful - it's mature, stable, tested, robust, and even has a handy gui explorer that writes code for you!

Great as it is, api v3 is now 5 years old, and while it may well last another 5 years before being retired, it's time to think about the future. Over the last 5 years it's managed to build up a fair amount of cruft and oddities, which we keep around for the sake of backward-compatability. Bumping up to version 4 represents a chance to start with a clean slate, lose the cruft, and embrace new technologies and techniques.

There's much to discuss and lots of exciting possibilities. Come join the conversation!

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Discussion & planning - we want lots of input