CiviCRM Statistics - charting the future

May 31 through June 8, 2016

Whether you're new to CiviCRM or a seasoned expert there is something for you at CiviCon Colorado 2016!

Nicolas Ganivet
Community Discussion
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In this workshop we will brainstorm on how to improve the statistics portal and make it a showcase of CiviCRM's value
Session Length: 
60 Minutes
Not CMS-specific

The statistics portal ( brings valuable indicators to all actors in the CiviCRM ecosystem – Core Team, partners, end-users and prospects. It is however just a start and we need to build on this robust foundation to:

•increase our understanding of the ecosystem,

•support our decision making progress,

•and act as a showcase of CiviCRM’s value and reach and the strength of our Community.

In this workshop we will brainstorm on these topics and define a roadmap (and owners) for improvements to the statistics and portal.